Are you motivated to lose fat, build muscle & learn how to sustain a healthy lifestyle?

I help women lose weight in a safe, effective & sustainable way.

Not sure how to lose weight and keep it off for good?

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You’re a busy woman who is committed to making your health & fitness a priority…

As you might be aware, achieving your health and fitness goals is a major problem for most busy women. 


And there are three main reasons why…

  1. You spend more time caring for your loved ones than on yourself.
  2. You get overwhelmed by all the "diet" options and are confused because you have no clear step-by-step path to follow.
  3. You have started multiple programs in the past with no long-term success.

The good news is that, if you’re struggling with these issues, I am going to show the exact steps to take control of your health without it consuming a ton of your time.

Crystal's Fitness Formula shows you how to keep it simple.

I teach my clients how to cut through the confusion and start losing weight in a safe, effective and sustainable way. 


You will learn my 3 step system for helping busy women who are motivated to lose fat, build muscle & learn how to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Crystal

My name is Crystal Lowery and I'm the founder of I'm a Personal Trainer & Health Coach and former fitness competitor who is obsessed with helping women to look and feel their best.


Women are always asking me what I eat, how I train and how I maintain such a healthy lifestyle so I decided to package up my years of experience and knowledge into a step-by-step system that any woman motivated to make a change can follow.


I would be honored to be selected as your guide, coach & cheerleader on your health and fitness journey.   

Kind Words From Awesome Clients...

I LOVE Crystal’s program!  Crystal has the innate and intuitive skills that goes above and beyond your typical  “diet and exercise program" with tools that last a lifetime.  This is a priceless value I cannot stress enough,  Thank you, Crystal for assisting me to get my health, mindset and LIFE back!

Carolyn Gomez

Crystal Lowery is the epitome of a transformational coach. Whether it be physical fitness, nutrition, spiritual, you name it. Her mentorship is priceless and is authentic as authentic can be. I can’t recommend her as a coach enough. She is someone you can count on to always be honest and inspire you to step into your own greatness.

Samantha Fortner

I can attest to her incredible ability, amount of knowledge and insight regarding health, fitness, mind, body and soul. She is dedicated, inspirational and an impeccable role model for others. Whatever your goals may be, Crystal will unequivocally assist you in attaining them and completely fulfill your expectations. She goes above and beyond for each and every client.

Sue Fetterman

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Crystal's Fitness Formula is an online mentorship program designed to help busy women who are motivated to lose weight, build muscle & sustain a healthy lifestyle.  You'll learn how to lose weight in a safe, effective and sustainable way.